A little about us

Sigato Group began in 2006 as an alternative to traditional approaches to marketing agencies. The goal was to bring together talented individuals with exceptional skills regardless of their location. We wanted to:

  • Do great work that has a real impact for our clients
  • Help companies big and small make sense of the complex, evolving digital space
  • Leverage a world-class team of professionals
  • Remove the jargon, mystery and impossible promises of digital
  • Engage the right team at the right time
  • Create results by harnessing all of the tools available

Today, we have a talented team that extends across the globe. We have helped many companies, large and small, realize their digital goals. We put full-scale plans together, small business websites and everything in between. We have worked with companies that just want a little guidance and others who want us to take the reins. Our approach is providing service where it is needed most.

Sarah Butler


I started Sigato Group with the desire to create a highly flexible organization that reflects the changing nature of how work gets done. One that could effectively and efficiently deliver high-end, high-quality services for businesses that otherwise may not have the resources that large (e.g. Fortune 1000) companies enjoy. Our intent was in connecting with and serving in the growth of visionary organizations. Since that time we’ve focused on how the digital landscape can best be leveraged to help these clients connect, grow and retain customers. By understanding goals, we are able to develop a roadmap for growth that matches where you are as an organization. As we’ve evolved, our client base has too. We work across the country and around the world with many different industries.

My passion is transforming business while building long-term trusted partnerships. I would love to connect with you to discuss how we can transform yours.

Our Commitment

We deliver results and stand behind our services.  By helping you understand the digital space, we provide you with what you need to be successful for the long term, not just today.

Our Approach

  • Provide exceptional customer service and solutions
  • Help customers reach goals and carve our their digital space
  • Bring the best talent together regardless of location
  • Love what we do and demonstrate this in our work
  • Make it simple and enjoyable for people to work with us
  • Become an extension of your team